When it comes to garage storage, it’s not unusual to get overwhelmed in a hurry. We accumulate so much junk in a lifetime, and that’s where a lot of it winds up going. Some of it we will never use again. Some of it we would use a lot more often if we could only get to it! Pulling the car in out of the rain has becoming a joke because there is stuff piled up from one wall to the other. If you’re in this kind of mess, you need to find your way out of it before you wind up on a reality show about hoarders. Here are some simple tricks that will improve your space.

Hold a Sale
Get out there and go through that stuff. Determine what you need, what you want, and what you wouldn’t miss if it was suddenly stolen tomorrow. All of your belongings that fall into that last category need to be tossed out. That can mean throwing them directly away, giving them away, or holding a sale. Garage storage becomes a lot easier when you actually have some space. You don’t need to keep everything you ever bought, so eliminate with extreme prejudice. Don’t waste your time trying to sell worthless junk on eBay, either. If it’s trash, it’s trash. You’ll probably spend more in listing fees and postage than you’ll make on a sale.

Every garage storage system needs priorities. This will kind of happen on its own (even if your stuff is piled to the ceiling, the things you need on a regular basis are doubtlessly within reach), but it works a little better and looks a lot nicer if you do it purposefully to begin with. Take the items you don’t use that often and put them back towards the walls or maybe even haul them up to the attic. Put the things you use on a regular basis where you can get to them quickly and easily. This will solve a great deal of your frustration and generally make you much happier regarding your garage storage.

Hooks and Shelves
Sometimes garage storage organization requires more than getting rid of what you don’t need and moving the rest around. You may need to build some shelves or put some hooks in to get the absolute most out of your space. You’ll be surprised at how much stuff can go on a hook or a shelf and how much easier it makes retrieval.