Most people think that spiders are harmless but according to scientific facts and figures, these creatures can take the lives of living beings. Several of the species have the capability to pierce the skin of the prey and this can lead to serious illness and even death. They might do so in self-defense from their so called predators. According to the scientists, most of the spiders have venom but the amount of toxicity will vary from species to species. While some of them are totally harmless, others can even be responsible for taking away their lives. The spider bites may result in swelling or itching around the infected part, which can be cured using ointments. The bites of large spiders are sometimes extremely painful but experts say they do so only when they are provoked and sense danger around them.

Various species of spiders and the level of toxicity:

These creatures possess something known as chelicera which will penetrate into the body; only few of the species, mostly females, have long chelicera which gets into the skin. Once diagnosed, the doctors try to find out the type of the victim spider so that they can proper treatment. Figuring out the type of spider that created the bite can help to give the appropriate first aid treatment for fast recovery of the patient. It is found that many a times, the bites from other insects are mistaken as spider bites, typical example being that of harvestman. Widow spider possesses toxins called latrotoxins which can stimulate the muscles and lead to terrible cramps around the stomach area. It can also lead to interference with the respiration system and other life threatening effects. Another venom spider called the Wandering Spider contains neurotoxin which has high level of serotonin making the bite extremely painful. Have you heard of the “violin spider”? Well, the brown spider is sometimes tagged as the violin spider as its upper body resembles the shape of a violin. A bite from this brown recluse is dangerous and needs immediate action. Although initially the bite causes no pain at all, blisters and red ring formation can be seen after a few hours of infection.

The symptoms and cure

How can you get proper treatment for these Spider bites?

The first most important thing you should do is to call for emergency help, especially if you see any such bite on your body and feel sudden muscle pain. If you are sure that it is a spider bite, try to find out the species but most of the times identifying them is not possible. Clearly explain all the symptoms so that it is easy for the doctor to diagnose the problem in quickly and correctly. Normally, alcohol can provide relieve but even if cold water applied on the affected part, can help relieve the pain.

There are several ways to cure the spider bite and if help is taken at the right time, you don’t have to worry at all. Even the bite from the worst and most toxic spider can be cured with proper emergency treatment and the patient can make a full recovery.