Radon Mitigation Services

Leaving a home vulnerable to Radon, mold, and other harmful airborne poisons is not only unsafe, but also irresponsible for any family. It is a very easy, quick, and affordable process for you to use a company to check your house for problems, or if a problem already exists with Radon or mold, it is also affordable and easy to treat your home and make it completely livable again. Mold might be a more obvious threat than Radon, but both can severely harm someone’s health, especially children.

The first thing to understand is what exactly radon is. This harmful gas is formed naturally from underneath a home by soil simply sitting there and the process of radium radioactively decays. The gas itself cannot be seen with the naked eye, nor can people smell it, taste, or ever be aware of its presence. The best ways to make you confident that your home is free of this harmful gas is by calling a professional and have them test the levels of gas in your home. Small amounts of Radon are rather typical, but large amounts of it can become very harmful. This service is actually a very quick process to go through, and does not cost a homeowner very many expenses.

If there are dangerous levels of this harmful gas discovered in your home, one service that can be performed by a professional is making sure your home is completely sealed so that this gas can no longer seep into your home. This sealing process is usually done in a timely matter, does not disturb any part of your home, and like the inspection process, is made very affordable.

Taking the cleaning service one step further, a radon reduction system might be installed in your home to make sure the air you breathe is completely safe. These depressor systems work almost as a protection like filter to clean the air once again. The two different types include sub-slab and sub membrane depressurization systems.

The threat of Radon has become so apparent that any home that is being sold, during the normal safety inspection proceedings, the house is checked for what levels are present in the home. One thing to watch out for though is that even if your house has previously passed this inspection, that doesn’t mean that after a few years you are still absolutely safe. The best thing to do is have a yearly inspection done by a professional so that you will always have peace of mind about the air quality in your home.