Choosing a Room Heater to Fit Your Lifestyle in 3 Easy Steps

One of the major concerns during winters is undoubtedly buying a room heater that is not only cost savvy but also proves to be highly efficient in creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere inside the house. Let’s find out in these three easy steps, how to choose a room heater that is best for your home, shall we?

1. Choosing a Heater on the basis of its design:

• Freestanding Portable Heaters

Their portability is what makes them stand out and once the heater is turned off, the room can still remain warm for several hours. However, it takes a bit long to heat a room though specially the oil-filled radiator ones. Another variety of freestanding portable heaters include Ceramic heaters.

• Electric Heaters that are used in Fireplaces:

Fireplace Electric Heaters can offer a great deal of warmth for dining or seating areas along with family rooms or bedrooms and warm a room of almost of 400 square ft. Along with their hearing capabilities, these heaters look classy and appealing as well. However, one needs to do a little renovation in order to install these heaters.

• Wall Heaters:

If you live in a cozy apartment or the rooms are not spacious enough then availing this option is ideal. Wall heaters are mainly fan forced convection heaters. These heaters will help you to save a lot of electricity as due to their low watt feature they consume very less electricity.

2. By Coverage Area:

When you buy a room heater, considering coverage area is very crucial. How big or small is your house or room? The wattage of the heater that you buy should be in accordance with the total area of the room. For example a 1500 watt heater is ideal for a room of 150 square ft. The efficiency of a room heater is determined by its power and on the basis of the size and area of your room; you can invest in a heater that suits your needs the best.

3. By Form:

• Radiant Heater

Commonly seen in households, radiant heaters are ideal for small rooms and cozy spaces. They are much safer an option and you can use it on your nightstand as it will keep you warm and comfy throughout the night while you sleep. The heaters also come with temperature control and automatic shut off valves and they use a type of reflectors or metal element such as glowing quartz.

• Convection Heater

These heaters are mainly used for large areas as they can effectively warm up large areas and rooms. The heating process is quite quick and can be used year long as the heating function can be easily turned off during summers and the fans can be used. Some of the models come with fan assisted and some don’t so look out before buying.