Bug in Bed Solutions – Can You Kill Bedbugs on Your Own?

Have you ever woken up with a bug in your bed? Have you experienced the discomfort of realizing there are many bugs in your bed? Many people are now going through this same experience, as bedbugs become a massive problem around the world. The question is whether you can kill bedbugs on your own, or need to hire someone to do it for you.

Killing Bedbugs Independently

The problem with trying to kill bedbugs on your own is that you will likely think they are gone before they actually are gone. Many people believe they have gotten rid of the bugs in their bed, move in another bed, and soon after find that the new bed is now infested with bugs as well. This is because just one lingering bug is enough to start a new infestation, and these bugs are incredibly difficult to kill off completely.

Many people also think that killing bedbugs is as easy as throwing out the affected mattress. Unfortunately, bedbugs can get into your carpeting, all upholstered furniture, and may even be hiding around your windows and in the corners of your walls. In a serious infestation, you will be unable to completely rid your home of the bugs without bringing in professional help.

If you want to try to kill bedbugs on your own, start by placing all of your belongings in the affected rooms in plastic baggies. Do not remove clothing, blankets, or pillows out of these rooms. They may have bugs on them, and you will simply transfer them to other areas of your home. You need very strong, effective bombs to treat your home, and you may have to do it more than once.

Hiring Someone to Kill Bedbugs

If you have a bug in your bed, the most efficient thing to do is call in the professionals. Find a service experienced killing bedbugs and follow all of their advice. You will likely be instructed to pull all furniture away from the walls and place your belongings in plastic bags. You will be asked not to remove anything from the home environment, because you never know where bedbugs may be hiding. It is always best to treat the home with everything in the natural environment.

Depending on the extent of your bedbug problem, the location of the problem, and the company you decide to contract with, you may be asked to do different things once treatment is started. You may or may not be asked to leave your home for a day or two. It depends on the how many bugs are in your home and how many areas of the home are affected.

Moving Forward

As soon as you find a bug in your bed, you need to move forward with some type of bedbug treatment plan. The longer you wait, the more extensive your infestation may become. If you live in an apartment or duplex, you may want to contact your property management team. In many cases, bedbugs are spread from one living area to the next, so your bug problem may not go away without also treating other units adjoining yours. No one wants to be the first one to make the call to management, but you don’t want to spend money treating your unit when it could be covered by your landlord. Plus, the bugs may simply come right back if your neighbors are the cause of the problem.