What exactly is edging?

Edging simply means the “frame” around your entrance mat’s outer edges. It’s a piece of nosing, which bridges the gap between your mat (or floor) and the floor beneath.

However, most people looking to buy entrance custom rugs with logo don’t know that there are many types and styles of edging and that each is tailored for specific applications. Edging can have a huge impact on how your mat performs. It can also have a major impact on how your building looks.

Here’s a picture of an apartment we saw recently. This flooring was installed in the entire building by the property owner to improve the aesthetics of their rental unit and justify higher rents.

Imagine you are a potential tenant who is looking for a room in this building. How does this mat impact your perception?

The cost of brand-new flooring is high. However, a sticky strip of duct tape holding down a small piece of cheap matting from a hardware store will make it look like it was.

Proper edging on commercial entrance mats is important because it has a significant impact on how well your mat functions…and how safe. Proper mat edging:

Protects the mat from being pushed over by people.

This prevents your matting and other hazards from causing people to fall by lifting ends, limp, or floppy edges.

It gives your mats weight, so they don’t slide on hard floors.

Each commercial doorway is different so we offer three types. But how do they choose the right type for you? Here are three things you should consider:

1. How much clearance do your doors have above the floor?

To check which way your doors actually swing, are they push doors opening inwards into the building or pull doors opening outwards to outside? Inward-swinging door can create problems when there is limited clearance between your door and the floor. Our Heavy Edge is best if you have limited door clearance, or your doors have limited vertical adjustment.

2. Is your door a hub for wheeled traffic or users with mobility problems?

Do you manage a building which serves people who are in wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility aids? Are your entrances used to carry heavy loads such luggage trollies and shopping carts? Cart Edging might be a good option for you mats. Cart Edge is a wider type, with a gentler slope that makes it easier to roll your wheels up onto the mat. Cart Edge offers a longer run with the same rise. It is easier for wheels and tires to move over because it has a more gradual ramp. Cart Edge’s additional width makes the product even more resistant against curling and flopping.

3. Do you prefer maximum durability with minimal maintenance?

Our edging product is the strongest. They comes with a recessed channel that protects and covers the perimeter of your matting. This helps to prevent normal wear and tear. Protective channels prevent tufts from growing at the edges of matting. This eliminates the need to trim and snip regularly. The thickest, most robust type of edging we sell . It can withstand even the most severe commercial traffic loads without giving up!