Your floor takes more abuse than any other area of your home. The best flooring options for high traffic areas of your home are going to be something that are easy to clean, durable and that can stand up to the traffic. The best flooring options for high traffic areas in your home also have to be of good value. The best flooring options are choices that are easy to install and easy to maintain.

Depending on your personal style, there are some very good options that are available that will stand up to the traffic. Most would agree that choosing an option from hard surfaces is a good sound choice. Carpeting and rugs can be very difficult to keep clean in a busy area of your home.

Hard Woods

One of the best flooring options for high traffic areas of your home are hard wood flooring. Hard wood flooring never goes out of style. It is durable and can easily withstand the toughest traffic. While real hard wood flooring can be a bit expensive, there are a lot of good alternatives that will give you the look and the durability without minding the cost.

Engineered Floor

You can choose engineered flooring in a full range of hard wood looks for your high traffic areas. Engineered flooring is easier to install and a lot less costly. Engineered flooring (not laminate flooring) is made of wood, but it is finished into strips that lock together and that can be installed to any hard surfaces.

Engineered flooring snaps together and can be installed without nails or glue. If you want that hard wood look without the hard work, then you should consider engineered flooring.


Tiles are always a good choice for high traffic areas. As a matter of fact, they can be one of the best flooring options for high traffic areas. They are durable, easy to keep clean and do not wear down easily. They are a bit hard to install and if you are not up to the task, you can get a great tile look by using duraceramic flooring.

Duraceramic flooring is a limestone composite that is treated to resist stains. It is also an option that can withstand a bit more torture than typical ceramic tiles. It is a flooring option that gives you the great look of tiles without so much of the work that goes into installing tiles.