The magnetic power generator is the next step toward home energy independence. We have all heard of solar power and wind power but now something new is on the horizon. This new magnetic power generator produces more energy than it needs to run. It does this all on its own power. Once the system is started it will generate free energy, enough to power your entire house.

Wind turbines are popular in areas with constant flow of wind, and need a large clear area. Solar is useful if you have a lot of sunlight, and the room for the panels, but the great benefit of a magnetic power generator is that it is not dependent on the weather and needs very little room. It is not affected by temperature and the energy is totally free and clean.

Why would you want a magnetic generator?

1) It will slash your electrical bills dramatically.

2) It is completely safe to use.

3) It is very cost effective.

4) It is easy to construct and start saving money.

Unlike wind turbines that use the wind for power the magnetic power generator harnesses the force created by continual motion. Once started, the generator will never stop, as long as the magnets maintain their polarity. This creates a constant flow of electricity to run your home.

To give you an idea of the free power generated, let’s look at the following. For instance a home with four people, two adults and two children, with all the normal appliances, lights, refrigerator, computer, washer, dryer, and the like would most likely see a reduction of about 40% to the electric bill. That’s quite a savings.

Although the use of a magnetic power generator may be new to you it is the cutting edge of the future of electrical power. Much like solar power systems were 15 years ago. It is estimated that within the next ten years, energy companies will be using these systems around the world. There is no need for you to wait for the technology to get here it is here now and you can take the forefront of your own future.