Are you interested in building your own solar panels? If so, this article will talk about why we should contemplate building them, where to find a blueprint to build them and the materials that are needed to do so. This means after reading the following article you will know the advantages of building your own solar panels, were to locate a blueprint to build them and the materials that needed to do so.

Why Build Your Own?

Those that interested in building solar panels are embracing a new lifestyle and technology of using renewable energy sources for providing energy for our homes. This is the current “going green” movement consists of both the cessation of burning fossil fuels and using the planets non-renewable resources. Despite the fact that you can find some ready made products, many individuals prefer to construct them themselves. One cannot overlook the cost savings that result from using them. Other, desire to do it as a hobby or look at is as another challenging home improvement project. The two main reasons why individuals build solar panels are

a) Because they have a “green” consciousness and feel a responsibility to the planet and its inhabitants, this includes preserving natural resources and the search for cleaner alternative energy forms. There are special tax incentives to persuade individuals to adopt these technologies.

b) The cost saving produced by using solar power can be significant since the energy source of solar power, the sun, is free. The cost of adopting this form of energy production can be economical.

Blueprints For Building Solar Panels

In order to build you own solar panels the first step is find both blueprints and instructions for doing so. This will tell you what materials are needed and the steps needed to build them. Apart from needing blueprints for building the solar panels you will also need blueprint that give complete instructions on solar power systems so you can produce electricity for your home. This will also instruct you on how to change the current system in your home, so it can make use of solar power as its primary electrical source. All of these can be easily found in libraries, books on solar energy in bookstores and many sites online that are easily accessible through the search engines.

Materials For Building Solar Panels

Prior to the start of building your system you need to determine which type you desire

a) Photovoltaic – This system harnesses the suns energy and converts it to electricity.

b) Heat or Thermal – This system harnesses the suns heat for specific functions such as water heating.

After you have made the decision to convert your home’s electrical energy source to the power of the sun. You need to decide if you should build them or purchase solar powered kits. Solar power kits are more costly and often run into the thousands of dollars, however, your are assured the system will work and save you countless hours of putting the system together and making it work.

Learning and actually building your own panels and system will save you a considerable amount of money if you have a disposition for it and know what it entails.

Once you have decided on which type of system to build the blueprint and instructions for that specific system will have a list of materials that are needed to build it. These will most likely include:

1. Solar Cells

2. Core modules for your solar powered house

3. A Copper Made Wire

4. Clear PVC Sheeting

5. Some Tools – Most these you most likely have

The are many places were you can locate these materials that include local businesses and vendors on the Internet. One more alternative is to purchase used solar panels or ones that are slightly damaged if you are able to fix them, both of these will save you considerable amount of money and perhaps work.

In Summary, we mentioned the reasons why you should consider building your own panels, where to find a blueprint to construct them and the materials needed to do so. We also discussed the advantages of installing solar panels both as a renewable energy source and to reduce your electrical cost, the two types of panel systems you can construct and the different options for building you system including buying solar panel kits, the raw materials or buying used solar panels. This article will not make you an expert in building solar panels. If want to learn more regarding building solar panels I suggest you read some of my other articles.