5 Hottest Vinyl Flooring Trends for 2021

In recent times, vinyl flooring is very trending. With the advancement of technology, vinyl flooring gives a natural look of stone and wood. It seems unique, natural and decorative. Most people follow trends and because of their natural looks, vinyl flooring gains more popularity.

For an easy lifestyle, vinyl flooring will be a great selection because it is pet-proof, waterproof and durable. Convenient and luxurious, vinyl will be trending in 2021. To look for a convenient and luxurious flooring idea, here are the 5 hottest vinyl flooring trends for 2021.

Vinyl Sheets

With a fibreglass core and easy to install vinyl sheets, it comes in varieties of colours, designs, patterns and styles. Having fibreglass backing sheets vinyl can be layout easily and pull it out with less effort. With a natural look, vinyl sheets ensure decorative and bright designs and patterns. Vinyl sheets flooring makes life easier as it is very low maintenance, durable and easy to install. It is also very easy to clean. In short, it is very simple and durable. Sheets of vinyl make a massive comeback in the present year.

Wood Look Vinyl

Vinyl is manufactured just like real hardwood. Wooden floors have been very popular for ages. But wood flooring is just not accessible everywhere and everyone just can’t afford it. Wood flooring is very expensive. Also, wood flooring can get damaged by excessive moisture. So, with a wood-like appearance, vinyl is in high demand because it is water-resistant, durable and affordable.

Stone Look Vinyl

Stone look vinyl is just a replica of actual stone. It creates real stones that look like slate and marble. It can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom or any room. The beautiful stones look like vinyl requiring less maintenance, are durable, moisture-resistant and are easy to clean. If anyone wants a marble look at the home then stone look vinyl will be the best choice.

Waterproof SPC Rigid Core Vinyl

SPC or Stone Plastic Composite vinyl is waterproof, durable and beautiful. The word rigid describes the immensely tough core of vinyl flooring. The composite of stone plastic elements makes the layer indestructible. Thus, SPC rigid core vinyl is very durable and trendy.

Decorative vinyl flooring

The innovative, trendy decorative vinyl flooring is becoming very popular. This type of vinyl flooring has a geometrical pattern that is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Easy to install, decorative vinyl flooring gives real looks and is durable. This type of flooring is trending in current times.

Therefore, these types of vinyl flooring are trendy and continuing to grow.

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