What about YOUR family?

The “one size fits all” approach that the “free” system is based on is not how you want to begin determining what your family’s needs are. Then it just becomes just another sales ploy by a national brand company trying to make the numbers; where in the end, you’re the one getting short changed AND stuck in a long term contract. Kind of like that used car salesman that sold you that lemon that time, remember?

Think about it, why would your needs be the exact same as everyone else that they are trying to sell this type of system to? Doesn’t your family have different individual habits and your own unique lifestyle that needs to be taken into consideration? Of course it does.

with all due respect to those salesmen selling their free security wares, they don’t give you enough protection that you really need. they just offer you bits and pieces of the real deal and offer them free then charge you the same fee you will pay to install a real security system.

Value what your family needs and don’t put your lives in jeopardy because of what those so called free security system companies offers. Get the real security system you deserve and need and get them at the right price for the right expertise of the right people that will install the real system on your homes. It is always better to be safe and secure than save but regret that decision afterward.