Post cap lights are necessary for illuminating the area around your house. They have numerous benefits. They will illuminate your pathway at night so that no one accidentally walks over your beloved flower bed in the garden. It will also show off your beautiful garden at night.

Another big benefit is that once the area around the house is lit, even burglars are hesitant to break into such a house. They don’t want to risk being caught and recognized in the light. Lastly, these lights also enhance the beauty of your yard and are perfect for entertaining guests in the backyard at night or for evening pool parties.

These lights can also be placed in your backyard, on the deck or around the pool area. The possibilities are endless. Post lights undoubtedly have many benefits and are necessary to install for the area around your house. With them you can combine aesthetics with functionality.

There are two types of post cap lights that are most popular: solar and low voltage. These are the best options to consider because they will help you save on the electricity bill in the long run.

Now, post cap lights are available in a number of styles, colors and materials that you can choose from. Choose the material that is perfect for the weather conditions in your area. You can match the colors and styles that match the style of your house.

Solar Post Lights

Solar post lights are powered by the sun. They have a solar panel attached to them that absorbs light energy from the sun’s rays. This energy is then stored in photovoltaic cells. When the sun goes down and the solar panels no longer detect any incoming light, the energy from the cells is then utilized to light up the post lights. Depending on the power of the cells, they can provide light for up to 10 hours. That is enough to last you through the night.

Solar post cap lights are highly economical. They don’t use electricity at all, so you save a lot on your electricity bill in the long run. There is an initial installation cost that you will need to bear. However, they may not be as bright as the low voltage post lights.

Another benefit that the solar post lights have is that they don’t need a source of electricity. So there is no electrical wiring at all, which makes them easy to install. That means you can simply install them anywhere you like. You are no longer restricted to placing post only near places where there is a source of electricity.

Low Voltage Post Lights

Low voltage post lights use a lower power source to light up standard brake light bulbs. These require lower voltage to power the light and save you on the electricity bill. Low voltage post cap lights are also very economical. They will require electricity unlike the solar powered lights, but very less. Low voltage lights are also easy to install. Their wire runs to a transformer and is not too hard to do.