We all know how significant a backyard garden is to every home. A nice green garden as the front lawn and a nice green backyard as the family play area; that is the traditional way. Of course traditions have a way of changing. Where having a backyard as a play area for the family or for gardening was the trend up till now, fashion has changed and people are deciding to move a lot of indoor activities to the outdoor yard.

The concept has been around for quite a few years now but is starting to catch up with the world. The backyard garden can be made to be just another room in the house, a quiet big room for the entire family to enjoy: filling the garden with trees, plants and a nice seating arrangement with a bonfire area, making it the ultimate living room. The open air lifestyle is now becoming more and more common, with homes installing outdoor kitchens, open air living rooms or even just a deck in the front yard to relax and enjoy a quiet starry night.

Ideas For Your Backyard

What you want your outdoor room to look like is completely dependent on the family’s favorite past time and the amount of money you’re willing to invest into making it happen. Traditionally, all families like having play areas in the backyard for their young children. This involves converting your tiny garden into a play palace, filled with green grass and trees, lots of swings and slides and maybe a tree swing hanging from a tree. On top of those trees you could build a tree house.

However, this is more likely to be a temporary setup and may only need a portion of the yard space. What parents are looking for more is a nice place to relax with a comfortable ambience. This involves converting the backyard into the ultimate living room. If you go to some nice hotels you will see how they promote open air restaurants and bars that create an amazing environment.

Similarly you can create one at your own home. By setting up fountains, flower garden, a Bar Counter and a comfortable 5 seat sofa set will turn your yard into a cool mini café. If you like having friends over for drinks or BBQ you can use the same set up and add an outdoor kitchen with a BBQ grill. You will now have an amazing café restaurant right in your backyard.