To imagine life without a bath towel is impossible. After coming out from a warm shower your hand immediately searches to grab a towel to wipe up yourself. A high quality luxury bath towel is usually a treat after bath. So have you ever thought of the factors that determine the quality of your towel? As you read further you would find the answer to this question.

Bath rags are normally classified according to their sizes as wash cloth, hand towel, bath mats, towels and bath sheets. Besides this categorization towels can also be classified according to their density as light, middle, heavy and very heavy towels.

A bath rag should be hydrophilic, soft, should have fast drying up capabilities, should be hypoallergenic and should have minimum dimensional variation.

• Hydrophility or water absorption quality is the most important factor which determines the quality of your bath towel. Your towel should have high absorption capacity.

• The degree of softness, should be high because it comes in contact with your body during daily use

• Your towel should be able to dry up faster. It is important because if your bath towel dries up quickly it would have minimum chances of harboring mildew and hence any kind of nasty odor.

• A high quality towel is hypoallergenic. This implies that it should not cause any kind of irritation or infection to your skin when you use it. They should be made of fiber which has antibacterial and antifungal capabilities.

• The dimensional variation of your ragshould be as low as possible. It means that after you wash your bath towel its dimensions should not change even slightly.

The above characteristic parameters not only determine the quality of your towel but also play a key role in defining the performance of your towel.

Besides these certain production parameters also impact the performance of your bath rag such as the actual structure, type of softeners used and the coloration process.

• Actual structure means whether the bath-towel is made of uncut pile or velvet. Velvet bath towels are softer than uncut pile towels, but they have lower absorbency as compare to them.

• The type of softener used during the production of bath towels greatly determines the absorption capacity of the towel. Certain fabric softeners are detrimental for absorbency of the towel as they contain silicon which makes towel water repellent.

Bath towels are either piece dyed or yarn dyed. Certain coloration process involves the use of strong bleaches which affect the strength of the fiber.