Personalized bath towels are a manifestation of your personal taste and style. Stylish and unique personalized bath towels offer change from the monotonous regular bath towels which you often use. Personalized bath-towels can be monogrammed with your initials or embroidered with diverse patterns.

Embroidery is an art of decorating the fabric with designs stitched using colorful threads. Embroidery not only adds life to a normally drab piece of cloth but embroidered bath towels and hand towels make your bathroom look sophisticated. Delicate and detailed embroidery on a plain bath-towel can make it look enticing. Embroidered personalized towels are evergreen and always remain in vogue. Embroidery can be done on towels of any size, from finger tip towels to towels.

There are a myriad of designs and patterns of embroidery. A well honed embroiderer uses his skill, fancy and creativity to make these designs neatly on your bath towel. Although countless embroidered bath towels are available in the market but, they are incomparable to customized embroidered towels. You can customize the design to be embroidered on your towel depending on the theme of your bath d├ęcor.

Embroidered bath towels serve to be ideal gifts on various occasions. By customizing the embroidery on the towel you can add a personal touch to them. Most of the people get their names or initials embroidered on the towels which prevent anybody from sharing their bath-towel. Embroidered hand towels and towels are used in corporate houses, luxury hotels and resorts. These generally have the company or hotel logo embroidered on them. Terry cloth and velour towels are the most suitable for doing embroidery.

There is a chance that the loops of your towel gets pulled while doing embroidery. So, to avoid such a circumstance toppers are used while doing embroidery on your rag. As is evident by the name, toppers are placed on top of the towel while doing embroidery. Soluble stabilizers are amongst the most popular toppers used since they are easy to use and are affordable. Organdy is also used as a topper as it adds firmness to the design. Colored vinyl is often used as a topper when a dark colored raghas to be embroidered with a light colored thread.